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The Aim of the Army Netball Association is to promote and foster the game of Netball in the Army and its local communities.

Netball has been a feature of Army life for many a year, it is an extremely popular sport in the military as demonstrates so many of the characteristics sought in any soldier. This is the only female sport that is played in the Army and remains immensely successful.




25 May Army Mixed Netball Championships Aldershot UTB
27 May Army Mens and Mixed Development Teams Netball Training & Matchplay Aldershot RSTB
11 Jun EN Mixed Netball Tournament Aldershot RSTB
16 Jun - 17 Jun Army Men’s Training and Matchplay Aldershot RSTB
02 Jul EN Mixed Netball Tournament Aldershot RSTB
27 Aug - 28 Aug National Netball Tournament – Army Mixed Development And Mens Netball Teams TBC RSTB
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  • President – Lieutenant General S Skeates CBE
  • Chair –  Col A Zanchi
  • Vice Chair – Lt Col C Winship
  • Secretary – Maj(Retd) J Killoran
  • Assistant Secretary – Mrs C Murton
  • Fixtures Secretary – L/Cpl C Heaney
  • Reserves Secretary – Vacant
  • Team Manager – SSgt S Ness
  • Kit Secretary – SSgt D Speer
  • Team Coach – Lt Col Laura Ellis

Corps Secs

 AAC – LCpl Louise Thompson

AMS – Sgt Rachael Armstrong

AGC – SSgt Claire Hansard

Int Corps – Sgt Elizabeth Haymes

RA – Maj Jackie Fidler

RE – Capt Danni Dunn

REME – Lt Kathryn-Scarlett Hawkins

RLC – Capt Alison Gutzu

R Signals – Capt Samantha Brazendale


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