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2021 Army Inter-Corps Netball Championships 20-21 Oct 21

By September 8, 2021 No Comments

Introduction. The Inter Corps Netball Championships will be held at the Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre (AGSC), Aldershot on Wed 20 and Thu 21 Oct 21.

Format. Each Corps will be allowed to enter up to a maximum of 3 teams, although it is appreciated that the smaller Corps may wish to enter only one team. Teams will be split into two divisions which will mean that Corps that enter 3 teams will find that their 2nd and 3rd teams will play in the same division.

 Entry. Entries are invited from all Corps and are to be forwarded to the Assistant Secretary Army Netball Association (ANA), Claire Murton by Fri 08 Oct 21 using the entry form at Annex A. There is no entry fee for this year’s competition.

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